Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CT Myelogram

Having a CT Myelogram done today, have been away from my blogs the past few weeks due to back pain, numbness, as well as pain and numbness happening down my legs, mostly all in my right leg. So back to the doctor and get to have all the tests done to see what's wrong with me. Have fallen down a lot, not since last week and I've been being more careful.

Photo is only an example of what the CT Myelogram may look like.

Here are some pages I found that explain what a CT Myelogram is and have some images for you to view.

I found this interesting page. Back pain guide..

I will let you know how the procedure went once I am home and rested. I am a little nervous today but hope that it isn't painful and I will heal quickly. There is a lot happening soon and I'll be writing all about it over the next few days. As well as hopefully adding a few new recipes onto my vegan eats blog.

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  1. Please note, this is not a CT Myelogram image, but an MRI image